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Oklahoma City Business Formation & Litigation Attorney

business meetingWelcome to Entz Burton & Associates, where our experienced Oklahoma City business attorneys provide legal services in business formation and litigation in the state of Oklahoma. If you are looking for a lawyer that understands how to create and grow successful businesses, you are in the right place. Our legal team has been protecting our clients’ interests in Warr Acres, and Oklahoma City for 30 years now, and we look forward to helping you with any of your business formation and litigation needs.

Business Formation Services in Oklahoma City

Do you have an idea for a new business in Oklahoma? Congratulations on becoming an entrepreneur! We can help you take steps toward making your vision a reality. Our experienced Oklahoma business lawyers will walk with you through the process of creating and operating your company, ensuring that it is set up to succeed from day one.

Types of Business Structures

There are several different ways you can structure your business. Some legal options available to you include a limited liability company (LLC), S Corporation, C Corporation, or a Partnership. Each type of business structure has advantages and disadvantages.

  • LLCs are a popular choice for small businesses. They provide flexibility as well as asset protection, and you can choose to have the company taxed as either a corporation or partnership.
  • S Corporations allow business owners to avoid double taxation on their profits; however, they cannot be publicly traded and can only issue one class of stock.
  • C corporations are typically used by large companies that need greater financial stability and have or require large amounts of capital.
  • Partnerships may be the right choice for your business if you are looking to share profits and losses with someone else or need a tax break.

There are many complex legal decisions that need to be made in order to make the best determination regarding the type of business structure for your company. Visiting with an experienced business attorney can help you make the right decision for your new business venture.

Tax Considerations

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has special considerations when it comes to taxes, so make sure you know what is best for your situation before deciding how to proceed. For example:

  • S corporations’ dividends distributed to owners are not subject to self-employment tax (unlike distributions to owners of LLCs, partnerships, and sole proprietorships).
  • The IRS does not hold C corporation profits as a taxable dividend for the shareholders unless they receive them in cash form or property other than stock.
  • The IRS may provide less of a tax break for the profits on an S corporation compared to those with other types of business structures (like LLCs).
  • Partnerships are not taxed and have no restrictions on who can withdraw money.

If you are considering starting a business, make sure that you consider all the options before you decide how to proceed by visiting with an experienced and dedicated lawyer.

Using an Existing Entity for a Business

If you decide to use an existing entity as the vehicle for your business, it is important to make sure you are using the right type of entity for your business, whether that is an LLC or a corporation.

  • An LLC offers limited liability protection for the owner as long as the action that caused the injury or damage is not performed by the owner of the company.
  • A corporation, while more complex to operate, has certain beneficial features not available to an LLC.
  • It is important to register or incorporate your business in the correct state.

Visiting with an experienced attorney can help you better understand all of your legal options.

Business Litigation Services

We have a team of business litigation attorneys who are well versed in all areas of business lawsuits, contracts, and partnership disputes. If you need help with business litigation services we can work with you to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible to preserve your company’s resources.

Some of our clients have needed assistance with legal matters regarding how to protect themselves while doing business with other companies. We offer consultations for all types of disputes: contract negotiation, breach of contract, business negligence, and fraud.

If you find yourself in any kind of a breach-of-contract dispute, partnership dispute, or any other kind of business dispute, the business attorneys at Entz Burton & Associates can work with you to ensure your legal rights and financial interests remain protected.

Contact an Experienced Warr Acres & Oklahoma City Business Formation & Litigation Lawyer Today

Our experienced Oklahoma City, OK business attorneys can help you with all aspects of forming your own company from our office in Warr Acres and ensure that you have a plan in place if any legal trouble arises in the future. We offer legal advice for all aspects of business incorporation and formation, as well as litigation services to those who need it most. Our experienced team will work with you from start to finish – guiding you through complicated paperwork and helping you understand all of your legal options and rights within the state of Oklahoma. For more information, please call our legal team today at 405-773-9800 to schedule your consultation.

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