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Oklahoma City Oil, Gas & Mineral Rights Real Estate Lawyers

oil pumpsEntz Burton & Associates represents Oklahoma mineral owners and subcontractors to handle mineral and land leasing, deeds, easements, quiet title actions, purchase and sale contracts, partition actions, and water sales. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of how our law firm can assist you in all your oil & gas and real estate needs in the state of Oklahoma. If you would like more information about any of our services or are interested in scheduling an appointment with one of our Oklahoma City oil & gas real estate attorneys, please contact us today at our Warr Acres, Oklahoma office at 405-773-9800 for a free consultation.

Oklahoma Oil & Gas Law

Oklahoma Oil & gas laws establish which parties have a legal right to drill for either oil or gas. Additionally, these complex laws also make determinations regarding the conditions that parties must follow when they extract either oil or gas. Additionally, oil and gas laws also set financial terms of the agreements to which oil companies agree with landowners in order to extract fossil fuels from their property.

Its important for mineral owners to realize that when they are presented with a lease by an oil & gas company, that lease has been drafted to benefit the company, not the mineral owner. Our Oklahoma oil & gas attorneys regularly negotiate on behalf of our clients with oil companies to ensure their rights are protected and they are getting the most royalty and rental payments possible in the leases.

Oil & gas law encompasses complex and challenging decisions. Our attorneys regularly prepare, review, and negotiate deeds, leases, easements, and right-of-way agreements that accompany oil & gas contracts. Our experienced attorneys are proficient in all aspects of oil & gas law, and represent mineral owners and subcontractors to safeguard their interests.

Important Steps for Businesses and Mineral Owners

The first step a company should take when entering into an agreement with a landowner is identifying parcels that they are interested in leasing for possible drilling. They will study the property to understand what types of minerals might be extracted. Businesses should consider visiting with an attorney in order to help them understand all of their legal rights and ensure that they proceed appropriately under the law.

Mineral owners should also consider visiting with an attorney experienced with oil & gas law to ensure that their legal rights remain protected during negotiations with a company interested in their land. The natural resources on land, including oil & gas wells, can make a significant difference in the way a contract is written. Many people are tempted to lease their lands without the assistance of counsel because they believe that leasing is easy. However, there are a number of things to consider when entering into an oil & gas lease including the term of the lease, royalty and rental amounts in the lease, terms surrounding the ability to shut in wells and extend the lease term by production, and the depths/formations being leased. Our attorneys are experienced with making sure the leases that they review are as beneficial as possible for our clients.

Further, when minerals are transferred, oil & gas companies do not immediately change who is getting paid under an active lease. Our attorneys can assist you in communicating with oil & gas companies to get payments under an active lease changed over to the correct party along with drafting any necessary documents such as Affidavits regarding Death and Heirship, Surviving Joint Tenant, or Surviving Remainderman and probating an estate if that becomes necessary.

Both business owners and landowners should visit with an experienced oil & gas attorney in order to ensure they understand all of their legal options and rights.

Real Estate Law – Get it Done Right the First Time

In addition to oil & gas law, the Oklahoma City mineral rights lawyers at Entz Burton & Associates have expertise in real estate law. In many instances, the laws of oil & gas and real estate often intersect due to the nature of these types of business transactions. Our experienced attorneys can provide expertise and legal advice regarding all aspects of these types of complicated and legally complex transactions.

We represent both buyers and sellers in residential, commercial, or land deals. If you are looking to sell your real estate but have questions about title problems such as liens, judgments, easements, encroachments or other issues that could affect the sale of the property, our legal team can help.

If you are looking to buy real estate but want legal advice on an existing mortgage or title issues or how it may be utilized within an oil & gas deal, our attorneys may be able to save you time and money by advising you about your best options before proceeding with any purchase offer.

We also have expertise in business law and can help with the legal aspects of a range of real estate transactions. Consider visiting with our experienced legal team today to learn more about all of your legal rights and options.

Contact Our Experienced Warr Acres, Oklahoma Attorneys Today

Entz Burton & Associates is an oil, gas & mineral real estate law firm located in Warr Acres and works with clients in Oklahoma City and throughout Oklahoma. Our experienced attorneys are ready to help you understand all of your legal options when it comes to complicated and complex Oklahoma oil & gas and real estate transactions. We look forward to visiting with you about all of your legal needs and ensuring your legal rights and financial interests remain protected. Contact our legal team at 405-773-9800 to schedule your appointment today.

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